This is the regulation governing products produced through organic farming in Europe. Any agricultural product that is labelled Ecological, Organic or Biological in Europe must be certified under this regulation. This regulation establishes the requirements with which organic farming must comply regarding respect for natural cycles, maintaining biodiversity and obtaining organic products without using synthesised chemical products or genetically modified organisms (GMO).
Organic farming in Europe is governed by the regulations: Reg. (EC) 834/2007 and Reg. (EC) 889/2008.

GlobalG.A.P. CoC

The GlobalG.A.P.chain of custody (CoC) standard offers transparency while guaranteeing the product’s integrity throughout the supply chain. From production to the point of sale. It ensures that any product labelled as GlobalG.A.P or sold as a GlobalG.A.P certified product is obtained from operations that are truly GlobalG.A.P. certified.

IFS Broker

IFS standards are uniform standards focused on food, products and services. This way they guarantee that companies certified according to IFS standards manufacture a product or provide a service, that they meet customer specifications and that they always work towards continuous improvement of processes.

The IFS Broker standard was created to guarantee the safety and quality of products and to fill the gap between production and distribution.
This standard verifies the interested parties, to ensure that the appropriate measures have been implemented for the service offered, and that the suppliers operate in accordance with the quality and safety requirements of the product.